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How to Get a Free France Virtual Number for SMS

Having a local phone number in France can be extremely beneficial, whether you need to communicate with clients or associates in the country or want to reduce your international calling expenses. However, obtaining a local SIM card in a foreign country like France can be a challenging task for travelers, expatriates, or individuals seeking temporary communication solutions. Many French mobile service providers require proof of residency in France to obtain a SIM card. This typically includes documents such as a French address proof, a valid residence permit, or a French bank account. Fortunately, there is an alternative solution that offers convenience and flexibility: obtaining a french virtual phone number.

There are multiple reasons why a French phone number may be necessary. Having a local phone number can help establish trust and credibility with clients or associates in France, as well as make communication more convenient since they won’t have to worry about international calling fees or time zone discrepancies.

Additionally, having a France phone number can save you money on international calls. With a local number, you can receive calls from France at no additional cost, and you can make calls to France at local rates. This can be particularly beneficial if you make frequent calls to France or have friends and family there.

If you want to register for local French sites like Leboncoin, then you may need a French phone number for SMS verification and gaining the trust of local sellers. With a French virtual phone number, you can typically call, text and receive SMS verification codes to confirm your identity and complete the registration process.

In France, phone numbers are structured with 10 digits, with the initial two digits specifying the geographic area code.

France phone numbers are typically presented in pairs of two digits, separated by spaces, periods, hyphens, or sometimes grouped in a 4-3-3 pattern. A Paris phone number might be written as 01 23 45 67 89,, 01-23-45-67-89, or 0123 456 789. Despite variations, it’s common to write French phone numbers in a single block without any separators, like 0123456789.

All 10 digits of the phone number must be dialed within France, even for local calls. When calling France from abroad, omit the leading zero and use the international access code +33.

Getting a phone number in France might seem tricky if you are outside of France, but there are several easy ways to do it. Whether you need it for verification, business or privacy, there are options for everyone. Here are some simple ways to get a French phone number:

Contact a French mobile carrier like Orange, SFR, or Bouygues Telecom. Visit their stores or websites to sign up for a mobile plan. Upon subscription, you’ll receive a SIM card with a French phone number.

Explore online platforms like Twilio. These services offer virtual numbers from various countries, including France. Sign up, choose France as the country, and select a number available in their database.

Install mobile apps such as Dingtone. These apps allow you to create a secondary number within the app. Look for a second numher app that provide France phone numbers and install it to get one. These apps also allow you to send and receive text messages including verification code and OTP codes.

Certain websites specialize in providing free or paid French phone numbers. Research platforms like Freezvon or MyOperator, which offer virtual numbers for various purposes. Register on their website and follow the steps to obtain a French number.

VOIP services like Skype offer French numbers over the internet. Sign up for their services, choose France as the country for the number, and typically pay a subscription fee for access to the number.

Business communication platforms such as RingCentral or Grasshopper often offer French numbers as part of their business plans. Subscribe to their services, select a plan with a French number, and follow their setup process to activate the number for your business needs.

It’s so easy to get a France phone number from Dingtone at no cost and only a few steps are needed.

A Dingtone account registration is allowed to be linked with multiple IDs including email address, Facebook account, WeChat account, etc., compatible with different demands of users.

Step 2. Select a France number with an area code you want.

Dingtone provides France numbers with almost all area codes and you should select a number with an area code you want and need.

Step 3. Pick your phone number.

In addition to providing virtual phone numbers, Dingtone offers a range of other features that can be useful for many occasions.

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