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How to Get a Fake Mobile Number (but Really Works)

All of us value our privacy and wish to keep our private affairs just that—private. Data security and privacy concerns online are at an all-time high. So, what choices do you have? First of all, we advise against ever providing your actual phone number—not even while registering for a new internet account or for work. Use a free fake phone number whenever you need to make calls or send texts without giving up your phone number’s privacy.

Best feature? A fake number can be used for whatever purpose and then thrown away without leaving a trail of who used it or where it originated. Seem like a good offer? Then, you are in the right place. How to obtain a fake number that really works is provided here.

“Why should I add a second phone number to my device? I already pay for my cell phone,” you may be wondering. That is costly, is it not? you have misinterpreted, then. Although you’re correct that it can be costly, we’re not referring to adding a second line to your mobile services provider’s phone plan! We’re proposing an alternative method that circumvents using your cellular carrier to add a fictitious free phone number to your device. Rather, generate a VoIP number by using a smartphone app like Dingtone. By the way, getting a fake number does not mean breaking the law.

Here are some more important reasons why we should have a fake mobile number:

Above all, a fake number can give you an extra layer of secrecy without charging an extra line for your existing plan. And more importantly, it can play an important role in some scenarios. For example, they will require a phone number in addition to an email address when you register for almost anything on the internet. Enter your phone number, but it should be fake. Although you can simply filter out spam calls and messages, you will still receive some. Also, a lot of stores are requesting phone numbers to give you a receipt, finish the transaction, or give you a refund. And you don’t want your actual phone number to be added to a spam directory by a retailer, do you? They won’t know if you give them your fake mobile number instead. Finally, do you need to make a long-distance or even international call? Obtain a fake phone number that has the local area code of your contacts. Get a phone number in New York and use it to call them if they’re in New York and you’re in London. By doing this, they can avoid paying high calling rates as their phone provider will see the call as coming from a local New York number rather than your long-distance London number.

Yes! You can get a fake mobile number to protect your privacy. It is easy to apply a fake mobile number at Dingtone in the following three steps:

Dingtone is a mobile app available for Android and iPhone, which is a free mobile application used by more than 30 million users around the world. You may share images, videos, and your location with friends, family, and other Dingtone users instantaneously, as well as make limitless phone calls and text messages. Generally speaking, the sound quality on Dingtone is superior to that of an ordinary phone call. Dingtone can provide you a legitimate phone number that can take in calls and texts from anybody.

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