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Why Disposable Numbers NEVER Go with Online Account Verification?

How many phone numbers do you have altogether? What considerations should be taken before selecting an extra number? This article saves all.

Do you remember the first time you had only one phone number, that is, your personal phone number, when it was provided for verification by you online without any hesitation? Unfortunately, as more accounts rage calling for verification via a phone number, it’s not difficult to realize and discover your personal phone number is easily exposed because of endless calls or text disturbances from anonymous or marketers.

Therefore, the idea occurs to many people of having a second number for online registration alone. The terms like disposable numbers, temporary numbers, second numbers, or virtual numbers are all within the same domain referring to phone numbers that are used just to receive SMS verification codes. Once the verification is passed, the number can be disposed of.

Another condition when an extra number is needed lies in the expectation to balance work and life. As such, extra numbers carry the same feature as personal numbers, that is, to call and text, a certain group of people. Different from disposable numbers for online verification alone, such phone numbers call for longevity and stability for the consideration of long-term business.

Now, extra numbers are picked up to mostly protect against being tracked online. No one can ignore the deepening link between a personal phone number and a real identity. As a phone number is used to receive a verification code, real identification can be perfectly reflected in the number. As this number is used to register for more online accounts, the sketch of the real person can be easily figured out.

The more accounts your personal number is linked with, the clearer your identification will be summarized by others. Dangerously, once the information of one of your accounts gets leaked, all the information from other services will be instantly at risk just because of the same phone number clue.

Previously, people used an extra phone number due to some extent of force while now they prepare themselves with one or more extra phone numbers 100% out of their willingness.

It depends.

Specifically, it depends on what type of online account you need.

In other words, it depends on how secure and important you expect your online account to be for you.

As you create an account online with a disposable or temporary number, it means the account is surely disposable, ready to be tossed anytime. Once you finish creating an account with a disposable number, the number may be immediately used by another person for online registrations. It means the number just temporarily belongs to you the moment the account is created. If the account needs to be retrieved or reactivated in the future, there’s nothing you can do because no one knows who the number really belongs to.

If you need to create an account that matters to you but should be delinked with your real identity like on Uber or Coinbase, a disposable or temporary number isn’t fit because the account is long-term and true, but you just want to protect your real identity. In one word, your number can be virtual, but your investment is real. When a disposable number is used to link with an investment account, can it be possible to invest safely? Absolutely NO!

As a result, a real phone number is dramatically needed. It’s more or less like your personal number unless it’s not so correlated with your true identity. It’s easy to get and its shelf life is flexible based on your needs.

Similar to most virtual numbers, Dingtone numbers also belong to this domain. However, the numbers Dingtone provide have specific area codes and digits and they come from real number carriers, adding security to the accounts linked with them.

Dingtone numbers can be owned and purchased according to the specific needs of users’ like what area code is needed, how long the number will be used, what functions the number will mainly be used for, how secure the number should be, etc. Although there’s no SIM card attached to Dingtone numbers, they come from real number carriers and there’s no need to worry about the risk of them.

Yes, Dingtone numbers can be earned for free. It comes from the common expectation we’ve been embracing since the establishment of Dingtone, that is, everyone should have a right to express themselves. Most free numbers provided by Dingtone are used by users from developing countries and more and more numbers are provided to them so that they’re able to keep smooth communications with their family and friends.

When it comes to Dingtone numbers that are not free, they have a higher level of security and may come from more countries whose area codes are not that easy to get. Flexible options are provided to users with different demands on numbers.

In one word, as long as you need an extra number, Dingtone just works.

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