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Why are Calls More Used than Video Chat Today?

Do you hear so many complaints about video chat? Do you feel nervous as your Zoom rings? Don’t deny your feelings if you suffer from the above. Because it’s quite normal. As the pandemic took place around the world, video chatting tools like Zoom, Microsoft Team, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts were massively applied to keep everything for work in order. Unfortunately, as they constantly penetrate people’s life, they become increasingly loathed because of the potential risks and emotional hurt.

As video chat was created, it aimed to expand people’s communication styles. When phone calls are used, only voice takes part in the communication. Video chat adds pictures to calls so that both ends are able to have “face-to-face” communication.

Sadly, when video chat is used for work, its other side becomes so protruding that more of its issues get exposed. People realize that it’s difficult to say “NO” to callers and whenever the video gets through, you should get 100% prepared for the conference and a few reasons are available for dialing down. Worse still, the video background could be easily exposed and that’s also called a privacy leak.

If a call fails to help with communication, why has it been available for years?

Compared with video chat, phone calls have enormous advantages.

Do you remember the common scene when a woman is making coffee with a phone call buried under her face? That’s an essential advantage of a phone call. You don’t need to carry so much pressure to dress before sitting in front of a screen. No matter what you’re doing, just don’t stop and receive a call. How easy!

As far as phone calls are mentioned today, many changes have been made.

As is mentioned above, calls can be made and received not via a SIM card and plan. Therefore, you don’t need to buy a SIM card (costly all the time) if you want to make unlimited calls around the world.

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