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What is GPT-4 and How to Get Access to GPT-4 for Free

Since ChatGPT keeps attracting attention from the majority around the world, a new model is being on the way as well, that is, GPT-4. If you know nothing about the new model of OpenAI, this article will tell you all.

Essentially, GPT-4 is a machine used for creating texts. Due to its high understanding and reasoning of the world, GPT-4 is capable of creating excellent texts at a high speed. Therefore, if you give GPT-4 a question from a US bar exam, it will generate an essay indicating legal knowledge; if you give it a medicinal molecule and call for a change, it will possibly use biochemical knowledge.

They are quite different.

A simple comparison can work – if ChatGPT is the car, GPT-4 is the engine. In other words, GPT-4 can be used for different cases and for different purposes. Perhaps you may be using it but you don’t know. Moreover, GPT-4 can be used on more than chatbots.

Based on the technical challenges done by OpenAI, GPT-4 does better than ChatGPT like answering maths questions better, and giving false answers less frequently.

In addition, a sense of ethics has been built into GPT-4 and filters added on top to prevent answering malicious or harmful questions so that it will politely refuse to complete “evil” tasks such as ranking races by attractiveness, and telling sexist jokes.

GPT-4 can accept a prompt of text and images, which—parallel to the text-only setting—lets the user specify any vision or language task. Specifically, it generates text outputs (natural language, code, etc.) given inputs consisting of interspersed text and images. Over a range of domains—including documents with text and photographs, diagrams, or screenshots—GPT-4 exhibits similar capabilities as it does on text-only inputs. Furthermore, it can be augmented with test-time techniques that were developed for text-only language models, including few-shot and chain-of-thought prompting. Image inputs are still a research preview and not publicly available.

To get access to GPT-4, you need, first of all, to create an account on OpenAI.

Step 3. Complete the verification by entering your details.

Step 4. Choose your account type.

Now, you’ve finished creating an account on OpenAI.

To use GPT-4 model to create text freely, you need to upgrade to a paid subscription ChatGPT+ which is the premium version of ChatGPT.

As you’ve logged into your OpenAI account created with the above steps, you’ll be directly led to ChatGPT. To upgrade to ChatGPT+, the following steps should be conformed to:

Step 1. Click the “Upgrade to Plus” button on the left menu.

Step 2. Click the green button with “Upgrade Plans”.

Step 3. Complete the payment for final checkout.

Then, you’ll be able to use GPT-4 as much and flexibly as possible.

This is a frequently asked question.

Sad news, you aren’t allowed to use GPT-4 with the free plan of ChatGPT.

Good news, you’re allowed to get access to GPT-4 free if you’re a Bing user because Microsoft has confirmed that GPT-4 is already powering its chatbot interactions.

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