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How to Stop Unwanted Chinese Robocalls in the US

Do you know what robocalls are? You’ve been mostly used to them because they’ve kept themselves a common issue that is unbelievable and widespread. Whoever has a phone, he or she must have met such an issue.

Robocalls are annoying and meaningless and may cause you to suffer from money losses. Moreover, it wastes your time for nothing useful or meaningful. You must learn how to stop them.

The past couple of years have witnessed the craziness of Chinese robocalls in the leading countries with quite a large number of immigrants like the US, Canada, Australia, etc. Those spam calls are usually made from mainland China and target those speaking mandarin. Frauds try to rob money from victims by claiming themselves to be from local banks, consulate or well-known companies or organizations.

If you receive an automatic call speaking Chinese mandarin, you should hang up immediately even if you don’t know a word. If the calling message claims to come from an organization, please be cautious because that’s possibly a spam call.

A Chinese robocall may go like this. You might be warned by the auto caller that your name has been found on some credit cards sold in Shanghai and your credit rating has been badly affected with bank account closed.

Another case of a Chinese robocall is that the victim is seduced to believe he or she is talking with Chinese consulate or embassy. The robocall receiver may be notified that a package has been found in some place of China, containing victim’s passport, social insurance card or bank card. Then, they’ll be led to believe they’re being investigated and will be directed to talk with a fraudulent investigator. The fraudulent investigator will persuade the victim to transfer their money in the bank account to a Chinese or Hong Kong account to stop from being sued.

It’s optimal to refuse all calls from unknown numbers. However, it seems a little impossible or impractical. After all, robocall makers always strive to lead you to believe the call should be answered or you’ll miss important messages. Some technologies are usually used by them to mask the numbers giving out calls so that the numbers look like being from governments or important organizations.

However, if you receive a call with an automatic voice message, hang it up immediately because it must be a spam call.

Spam Calls can take place to both landline and smartphone and there are some tips to stop spam calls on them.

Dingtone is an app that is installable on iPhone and Android phones or devices and can block spam calls through settings.

You can enable the feature on Dingtone to stop all calls and messages.

Then, all the unknown numbers calling to Dingtone will be automatically blocked.

Block Certain Calls and Messages (Custom)

You can enable the feature on Dingtone to stop certain calls and messages.

Chinese spam calls are annoying and you should learn to recognize them at the moment of getting through.

You should learn some tips to stop getting spam calls on landline and smartphones.

Dingtone can be used to block unwanted spam calls.


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