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How to Sign Up for Telegram without a Personal Phone Number

That’s just what Dingtone has been striving for. Dingtone provides valid numbers to those who need online registration so that their privacy can be well protected when shopping online, dating online, or messaging online.

To create a Telegram account without your personal number, two things should be within your reach, Telegram, and a Dingtone number.

Dingtone numbers are not really virtual numbers since specific area code plus number strings are contained in them. Though Dingtone numbers are called virtual numbers, they’re real ones that are similar to those with a SIM card as the sample number below.

Therefore, a Dingtone number is no different from a SIM card number but it’s free of SIM card and it can be used to do anything a SIM card can do, including:

After getting a Dingtone number, you can follow the steps below to register Telegram and verify it.

Step#2. Open Telegram and fill in the Dingtone number to start to register for your Telegram account. Then, you’ll receive a verification code message from Telegram on Dingtone.

Step#3. Fill in the verification code that has been received on the Dingtone service in the required blank. The verification code usually contains 5 digits.

Step#4. Set the profile name of your Telegram account and you’ll have a new Telegram account with a Dingtone number.

The Telegram account linked with your Dingtone number isn’t a fake account actually because it’s a real Telegram account registered on the official Telegram platform. The only difference lies in the Dingtone number that is free of the SIM card. Generally speaking, your personal phone number of yours has been used to register for your personal Telegram account. However, when you need to contact your potential customers or coworkers through Telegram, a “fake” Telegram account is then needed to protect your personal life against job stuff.

Apart from keeping a balance between life and job, a Dingtone number-related Telegram account may help to boost your business if it is set to be a contact that is especially used for customer expansion or business contact.

Recently, WhatsApp has been blamed for its privacy policy that tends to compromise users’ online privacy and quite a number of people choose to switch to Signal for higher security. However, if you register for Signal with your personal phone number, it’ll become a second WhatsApp. After all, too much of your personal information is linked with your personal phone number. Once it gets hacked, no messenger apps can really protect you.

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Call Any Line

Moreover, Dingtone numbers can be used to make international phone calls to the world. Dingtone numbers are able to reach any line around the world at any time. No matter landline or mobile, Dingtone numbers allow you to easily reach them.

Free Dingtone Credits, Free Calling & Texting

Dingtone allows its users to make free phone calls and send free texts based on a Dingtone credit system. Dingtone credits can be earned in multiple ways and Dingtone users are allowed to use them to free call and text.

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