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How to Sign up for Gmail without Your Phone Number

When using Gmail, you’ve got the option to use your email across all devices. You can access your Gmail on Android and Windows, or even get a Gmail app for Mac. Gmail can be loaded onto Android phones and iPhones easily through the app which makes it a great option no matter your hardware preference.

When you’re just starting out with a Gmail account, you get 15GB free, this is standard for all free users. Google estimates this around 3 million emails worth of space, that is of course if you’re not using some of that space in your Google Drive or Docs too. But still, 15GB is a great amount of space to get started with.

Many of us use a lot of Google services for everyday stuff nowadays. Google is obviously aware of privacy risks and has taken some steps to prevent them altogether, but their efforts still didn’t stop a 2018 data breach in which nearly 5 million Google passwords were leaked. A list of five million Gmail accounts, paired with what appear to be passwords, was leaked in a popular Russian cryptocurrency forum. Just a few days back, these credentials may allow cybercriminals access not only to email accounts but also to other services of the same provider. For instance, if certain account credentials are indeed valid to get inside a Gmail account, it can also be used to get inside other Google apps. In the same way, cybercriminals can try and use these credentials to log in to other popular web services. If you can create a Gmail account without a phone number, you can at least lessen the severity of such leaks, or even avoid them altogether.

Unsolicited telemarketing and spam calls are a global menace. The world received nearly 26 billion spam calls between January and October 2019, and that’s nearly 50% more than the same period in 2018.  In the US alone, users experienced nearly 18.2 spam calls a month in 2019. Complaints about illegal robocalls also skyrocketed from 63 000 each month in 2009, to almost 375 000 complaints a month in 2017 – a shocking six-fold jump! Just like our first point in that article, using your real number to create a Gmail account could expose you to a lot of unsolicited spam and robocalls. If you can create a Gmail account without a phone number, this wouldn’t be such a big problem because your phone number won’t be as easily exposed to telemarketers and spam callers.

Just as everything you do in the Google ecosystem, everything is also interconnected on the internet. When you use your real phone number to create a Gmail account, other people can use your phone number to sieve out other websites that may contain other personally sensitive data to reconstruct an online personality that steals your identity. This could not only place you at risk of identity theft but also threaten those around you. There are many more reasons why anyone would want to know how to create a Gmail account without a phone number. Ultimately, it’s all about protecting your online privacy and safety. What are some solutions for how to create Gmail without a phone number then?

When you create a Gmail account via the Gmail App, you may be able to do so without a phone number. This works regardless of which platform you’re on. When signing up for a Gmail account using the Gmail app, you have the option to prompt Gmail not to add your phone number when you first register.

Drawback: This isn’t foolproof, however. If you’re logging into your account for the first time on a new device, Gmail may ask you for your phone number for account verification as well. If you lose access to the account and want to recover it, you may also need to reveal your phone number. Sooner or later, a valid phone number is needed.

Another way to sign up for Gmail without a phone number is to tweak your account’s age to 15 years old or younger. By doing so, Google assumes that you don’t have a mobile phone number to verify your account with and lets you skip the phone number verification step altogether.

Drawback: This solution, however, could land you in trouble if Google discovers your exploit. If you do not sign out of your other accounts first, you also will not have the option of toggling your age. You’ll also need to do so in private/incognito mode for this solution to work.

Step 2. Earn as many Dingtone credits as possible from the app by completing offers.

Step 3. Purchase a Dingtone number with any area code based on your demands with Dingtone credits.

After you receive your Dingtone number, you can begin to set up your Gmail account with a few steps:

Step 2. Click on the button that says, “Create Account”.

Step 3. After that, the sign-up form will appear. You’ll need to fill in all the details it requests first name, last name, a new username, and a new password.

Step 4. Next, since Google uses a two-step verification process to boost security, you’ll be asked to enter a phone number to verify your account. You can input your Dingtone number here.

Step 6. Once you’ve verified your account, you will see a form that asks for some personal information. This includes a recovery email, your birthday, and your gender.

Step 7. You now need to accept Google’s Terms of Service and their Privacy Policy – it’s highly recommended that you review both of these in detail before clicking“I Agree”.

Step 8. You should now have your new Gmail account.

Your phone number was never meant to be an all-access pass to your life. Over the course of that time, you’ve almost certainly handed it out to every person, restaurant, social media platform, or online store that’s asked. Your number is a thread that can unravel your entire digital life — crashing down your privacy, bank account, or even your very identity. With a second phone number, you can separate your work and life and throw away numbers at your disposal, it matters less who has it or if the company that’s selling it gets hacked.

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