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How to Register for TikTok Without a Private Number

As TikTok is being frequently and widely used by more users, it’s been a leading platform for short video creators. However, TikTok registration requires a phone number (basically, a phone number verification is a must-do step for most online services), but the trouble is usually met if you’d like to market products or services based on short videos or to be a KOL simply that your personal phone number has more or less already been used to register for a private account. To maintain a work-life balance and focus on your job things, you can prepare another phone number with which a new account for work can be established. Here’s a guide introduced below.

Have you ever had such doubt that “now that I’ve had a phone number, why another one”? The fact is everyone needs another phone number but not everyone knows.

Yes, you already have a TikTok account registered with your own personal phone number (mainly, the number is your unique phone number). Do you notice that all your TikTok friends are your real friends in real life since they add you on TikTok just based on your phone number? After all, your number is on the list of contacts of your friends and theirs are on yours. Moreover, if you want to brand yourself through short videos, it’s more convincing as content related to a certain field keeps constantly being released, which makes you look professional.

A second number offers a range of features that are helpful to businesses. For example, developing a strict routine to enable call forwarding when you are away from your work or creating the perfect business voicemail greeting on a case-by-case basis. Auto-replying text messages are a great way for you to not miss any business calls. Auto-reply text messages mean that when you receive a text, your second number will immediately respond with a preset message. It’s a great time saver and allows you to share information about upcoming offers or sales.

Then you can sign up for TikTok with your Dingtone number.

Step#1. Download and install TikTok on your device.

Step#2. Open TikTok and fill in the Dingtone number to start signing up for your TikTok account. Then, you’ll receive a verification code message from TikTok on Dingtone message.

Step#3. Fill in the verification code that has been received on Dingtone in the required blank.

Step#4. Set the profile name of your TikTok account and you’ll have a new TikTok account with a Dingtone number.

A work-life balance has been an essential target some people have been striving for. They believe that work should not be mixed with their real life. They’re not actually trying to escape from their work, but It’s just a way of life or an attitude toward life and themselves. They pay more attention to their privacy, and they hate their private life being disturbed. Therefore, they insist that they should use a work number when they work and a private number when they live. For them, a personal phone number is tied to their lives and should be separated from their work.


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