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How to Register for Snapchat Without Using a Private Number

Snapchat is a free multimedia messaging app that lets users send short-lived messages that become inaccessible after a certain amount of time. To create an account, users must verify either their phone number or email address. To protect their privacy, users often enter a fake phone number or use a burner phone to verify their accounts. If you prefer not to provide Snapchat with your personal number, you can use Dingtone to generate a second phone number to pass the phone verification process.

The protection of personal information online has become a hot-button topic in the past few years. Large companies like Snapchat and Facebook are notorious for selling their customers’ personal info to advertising agencies. Sharing your phone number with Snapchat guarantees that you will eventually receive spam texts and calls. 

More than 80% of Americans are reluctant to share their information online due to the risk of leaks and spam. Many apps and services demand users’ email addresses, phone numbers, and credit card information to register. To avoid giving away their personal information, people use various methods to circumvent these requirements. 

Instead of providing your real phone number to Snapchat, you can:

Step 1. Download and Register a Dingtone Account on Dingtone App.

Step 2. You’ll have a randomly assigned phone number for free as you make your first call through Dingtone.

If you use Dingtone to generate a new number, you must complete these steps within ten minutes, as the number will be deactivated past this point. 

Your phone number was never meant to be an all-access pass to your life. Over the course of that time, you’ve almost certainly handed it out to every person, restaurant, social media platform, or online store that’s asked. Your number is a thread that can unravel your entire digital life — crashing down your privacy, bank account, or even your very identity. With a second phone number, you can separate your work and life and throw away the number at your disposal, it matters less who has it or if the company that’s selling it gets hacked.

Compared with other apps or services providing numbers on the market with similar functions VPN, on most occasions is needed. However, Dingtone provides a valid phone number that can be directly used to call and text without a VPN. In addition, a Dingtone can be instantly used as soon as the plan purchase gets completed so that activation is not needed.

You don’t want to miss out on all the fun your friends are having on Snapchat, but you should also be careful to protect your phone number privacy.

Snapchat says you’re in good hands. But remember, the only person that actually takes care of your personal data is yourself. A second phone number can keep your phone number privacy safe on Snapchat while you’re having fun.

So that’s how to verify Snapchat without your phone number. If you’re curious to find out more about how your personal data is handled, be sure to check out Snapchat’s privacy policy, Send Snaps the safe way today!

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