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How to Register FetLife Without a Phone Number

Do you feel exhausted from the never-ending stream of unwanted spam calls and messages? Alternatively, do you value your privacy and prefer not to disclose your phone number, including to FetLife? Whatever your motives may be, you’re not the only one. Numerous individuals are reluctant to provide their phone number while signing up for a FetLife account. Fortunately, there are methods to register without using your phone number.

Similar to various other social media platforms, FetLife mandates users to furnish their phone number for security purposes. The objective is to ascertain that an authentic individual is creating the account, rather than an automated program or an unsolicited advertiser. This measure is also designed to obstruct deceitful practices and augment the safety of users.

FetLife is a social media platform that has a primary focus on connecting individuals within the BDSM, fetish, and kink community. Due to the sensitive nature of their interests and activities, a significant number of users on the platform might opt to keep their personal information confidential.

FetLife ensures the authenticity of its users and prevents fake or spam accounts on the platform by mandating the provision of a private number during registration. Nevertheless, certain users might be hesitant to share their private number due to apprehensions about privacy, security, or a general preference for not disclosing such information.

Ultimately, whether or not to provide a private number during registration is a personal decision that depends on the individual user’s comfort level and risk tolerance. While providing a private number may offer some benefits in terms of account security and verification, it is not a requirement for using FetLife or other similar platforms.

Dingtone numbers can be used for almost all online platforms calling for phone verifications. Here’s a step-by-step guide below.

Step 1. Register for FetLife by entering its website or app.

Step 2. Follow the necessary steps to phone verification.

Step 3. Enter your Dingtone number in the corresponding box and continue to call for a verification code to be sent to your Dingtone number.

Step 4. Open your Dingtone app and check the “Messages” tab at the bottom to get the verification code.

Then, you’ll be able to finish the phone verification with a Dingtone number.

You can get one or multiple phone numbers from Dingtone based on the following steps.

Step 2. Create an account.

Step 3. Tap “Connect” – “Add a New Phone Number”. Select an area code and phone number.

Step 4. Pay for the number and you’ll be able to use it as your second number.

In conclusion, creating a FetLife account without a phone number is possible. By using a second phone number from an app like Dingtone, you can protect your privacy and security while enjoying the features of the platform. Don’t let the fear of spam calls and texts or privacy concerns stop you from exploring your fetishes and connecting with like-minded individuals on FetLife.

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