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How to Get Two Phone Numbers on One Cell Phone

Recent years have witnessed an ever-growing demand for getting two phone numbers for various reasons. As for people in the workplace, getting two phone numbers is always a good practice that separates business from private life. As for self-employed, small business owners, or freelancers, getting an extra number for their business apart from a private phone number is an efficient and easy way to boost business. Compared with having two phones, getting two phone numbers on one phone is more convenient and more cost-effective to make it. Therefore, it is really worth the effort.

In daily working life, people need to make and receive many phone calls to or from business-related individuals or teams. However, if people have only one phone number, awkward situations will often occur in the workplace.

For example, an important business meeting is interrupted by personal calls. On the one hand, that causes distractions for several employees – not only for the person having personal calls but also for others around him. On the other hand, the incident leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the colleagues or clients. It is inconvenient and even regarded as unprofessional.

Besides, mixing a business number with a personal number disrupts the work-life balance.

However, things are different if people in the workplace have two phone numbers. They can devote themselves to business during working time as well as completely enjoy life after work. Furthermore, a specific business number makes people look more professional since it is tied to your business only and is very pure.

Therefore, it is convinced that separating telephone calls is beneficial for work. For the purpose of separating calls, some people may go as far as carrying two phones, one for business use and one for personal use. However, that is inconvenient and calls for high cost since another smartphone needs to be paid for together with a calling plan (you certainly know that is usually costly).

Basically, all that people need is a number for calls and texts, not another phone.

In terms of features provided by Dingtone, four points can’t be ignored for people in the workplace.

Real Phone Number

A Dingtone number is no different from a SIM card number from a carrier but it carries no SIM card, which makes it easy to get and use. A Dingtone number is a really valid number containing a country code, an area code, and specific digits. Although it’s called a virtual number, it’s real when it comes to its functions.

It can be used to call and text, and register for online accounts like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, etc. You should know most use a Dingtone number for all those cases just to protect their privacy. Their personal number is given to close family or friends and a Dingtone number to all other situations where a personal number isn’t suggested to be provided like second-hand buying or purchasing, Uber service, etc.

Low Calling Rates

As users have a specific Dingtone phone number for business, they’ll be allowed to cut their business costs due to Dingtone’s low calling rates. Particularly when having temporary business trips, people can call and text anywhere with lower rates wherever they go through Dingtone.

Business Voicemail

Dingtone has a feature of Voicemail that reminds users about missed phone calls. Dingtone Voicemail allows callers to leave a voice message when it’s inconvenient to receive the call. Moreover, users can set an auto-reply SMS to tell the caller that a call will be made back whenever convenience allows in a text message. Users can either choose default greetings of voicemail or customize their own greeting by recording. Moreover, they can set an auto-reply SMS that will be automatically sent to callers when a call is missed.

On the one hand, it keeps a balance between work and life. Users don’t need to reply in person after leaving the office or spending time with family. On the other hand, it keeps customers from hearing a personal voicemail greeting. Allowing customers to hear a personal voicemail greeting is unprofessional. Many clients will be turned off by this, and their value as a service provider will be diminished. Essentially, it will make charging a premium for services more difficult.

Also, take Dingtone as an example, a step-by-step guide will be provided below on how to get two numbers on one smartphone.

Step 1. Please tap “Connect” > “My Phone Number” > “Add a New Phone Number”.

Step 2. Choose the country, area code, and number.

Congrats! It reaches the last step. Now click to pay and a confirmation SMS will be sent. Please wait for 10 minutes for activation.


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