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How to Free Get a UK Number in Nigeria

As you stay in Nigeria and your loved ones are in the UK, it’s a common situation when you need a UK number for hassle-free communication. If you call them via your Nigeria number, either landline or mobile phone, it’ll always cost huge because of the cross-border calls. If you have a UK number, however, you’ll save much by cutting the international dialing fees and cross-border fees. In addition, a UK number is more important if you need to register for a UK online service. Some UK online services or websites only call for a UK number registration. Numbers from other countries don’t work.

Step 2. Create an account on it.

Step 3. Tap the “Get a Number” on it and finish the checkout.

Now, you’ll have the number plan for unlimited calls and texts and the number can be used for most online services. If you call for more numbers with other country codes, more numbers can be added to your account.

Absolutely you can!

However, it’s possible to get fake UK numbers from the website.

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