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How to Create an Account on Fivver without Using a Private Number

Fiverr is an online commercial center for independent workers and gives a stage for freelancers to offer services to clients around the world. One study revealed that the number of on-demand workers in the US will increase by about 10 million in 2022. Employers want to throw their nets wider to obtain more skilled independent workers. If you’re a freelancer yourself, you might need to open a Fiverr account to get noticed quickly. However, before the account becomes functional, you must first complete Fiverr phone number verification. A second phone number may help you accomplish the same with lesser perils, considering the growing privacy and safety implications of using your actual number for similar proof.

There are several risks you ‘retaking when you use your phone number to sign up for a Fiverr account, including:

1. If a cyber invader gains access to your phone number, they can compromise your Fiverr account and use it for fraudulent activities like scamming clients or your remote workers.

2. Your online activities might be tied with your phone number and sold to lead-generation marketing, exposing your privacy.

3. If your account is hacked, the criminal might swap your phone number and use it to scam your family members, friends, or colleagues. They might also gain access to other online accounts that you have signed up with using the same phone number.

Many people agree that they need anonymity. You can get the assurance of this by avoiding sharing your data, such as primary email and actual phone numbers, somewhere they can potentially be stolen. Besides, you would like to maintain your privacy as much as possible when transacting online. A second phone number can help you avoid spam texts, robocalls, and annoying marketing campaign text messages.

To avoid all these hassles, you can decide to use a disposable mobile phone number to verify your Fiverr account. You have a few cards up your sleeve to win Fiverr’s trust. Here are some:

While this is a straightforward and efficient method, we don’t recommend it, especially if you only want to use it once. This solution is not ideal because burner phones are not economical and only make sense if you’re looking for a long-term solution.

You can generate a free fake phone number using Google Voice. Note that to accomplish this, you must have an existing Google account and provide your actual number if you need to receive calls.

When you Google something like “fake phone number,” you can get many options. But very few works and some may require you to provide your phone number or email before getting the fake phone number.

Create a Dingtone number to verify your Fiverr account or other online accounts in an easy five-step process that will take you less than 5 minutes.

Step 1. Download and Register a Dingtone Account on Dingtone App.

Step 2. You’ll have a randomly assigned phone number for free as you make your first call through Dingtone.

Yes, you’re allowed to get a number from Dingtone for free. That’s exactly why we’re here until now. Dingtone credits make free possible. As far as enough Dingtone credits can be earned, you’ll be able to call and text for free. The image below tells you what credits are and how to win them from Dingtone.

Dingtone numbers are real numbers without SIM cards so they can be used to call and text anyone from any place at any time. They are real because they actually consist of a country code, an area code, and some numbers, which are quite different from other virtual numbers consisting of random digits.

Dingtone numbers can not only be used to register Google accounts but can be used to register accounts on most websites or applications including Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal, WeChat, Google Voice, etc.

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