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How to Create a Coinbase Account without Your Phone Number

What is Coinbase and What Can You Do with It?

Before registering for Coinbase, the following requirement should be met first:

Have you ever noticed that a phone number is always called for as you register for online services? What leads to that?

As you finish up downloading and installing an app on your device, it doesn’t mean you open or uses it every day. However, the developers or creators of the app just hope you can use the app as much as possible. In addition, if they prepare some marketing services, they want to get you to know that at the first second. Plus, app customer service staff want to know how the app works for users in order to update it.

Why isn’t Your Private Phone Number Suggested to be Provided to Online Service Registration?

Although a phone number is needed when registering for online services like Coinbase, your private phone number isn’t suggested.

Now that your phone number is usually called for as you create an account on an online service site or app, your phone number will be linked with so many services if your private phone number is used. Among all account registrations, nevertheless, your private phone number is also linked with your important accounts such as credit card information. If one of the online accounts has been unfortunately hacked, your personal information will be most exposed to the Internet. As a result, your private phone number will be a leading leak of your online privacy.

Before creating a Coinbase account, get a second phone number from the Dingtone app.

Now, you’ve had a second phone number on your smartphone apart from your private phone number attached to the SIM card.

To create a Coinbase account, you can make it on either a computer or smartphone.

Step 2. Fill in your information together with your valid email and password and tick the User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Then, tap the “Create account” button to move forward.

Step 3. Fill in your second phone number and tap the “Send code” button to verify the validity of your second phone number. In this case, your Dingtone number should be filled with the correct country code and area code.

Step 4. As you receive a verification code from the Dingtone app message, fill in the code in the blank and tap the “Submit” to continue.

Step 5. Then, you’re required to finish your personal information filling to complete your ID verification.

Step 2. Open the Coinbase app and tap the “Get started” button to start to create an account.

Step 3. Fill in your information together with your valid email and password and tick the User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Then, tap the “Start” button to move forward.

Step 5. Your identification should be verified through 2 steps: phone number verification and ID verification.

With all your identification verification completed, you’ll finish up Coinbase account registration.

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