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How to Call Someone without Revealing Your Personal Phone Number or Caller ID

As you have to call strangers, will you feel insecure when letting them know your personal phone number?

Would you like to expose your personal phone number to colleagues or partners besides the communication concerning work?

I believe you must feel insecure when letting strangers know your personal phone number and you’d like to get a balance between work and life. After all, the majority do.

Then, how to hide your personal phone number while calling? Here comes a guide.

A personal phone number can be used to dig out so much information about you. Purely from the structure of a phone number, at least, your country and your living area can be known from the country code and area code. Then, it tells much more.

The information that is possible to be exposed includes:

The combination of all the mentioned information is called caller ID. Similar to your personal ID, your ID as a caller is a unique label indicating who you are. Since your social media accounts are mostly registered through your personal phone number, then your personal information will be easily dug out. Therefore, it’s of great significance to protect your personal phone number from being known by others.

If you need to make an anonymous call from time to time, there’s an easy tip. To stop your personal phone number from being displayed on the calling target’s phone, you should enter a “*67” before the phone number you’re going to dial.

The essential disadvantage of this method to mask your personal phone number lies in its inconvenience since you have to add *67 before each phone number you’d like to dial. When it comes to your business, it seems too slow.

If you’re an iPhone user, you’re allowed to stop your caller ID from being displayed through some settings.

Tap Settings > Phone > Show My Caller ID and disable the “Show My Caller ID”. Then, all your calls through this phone will be anonymous.

It seems simple but it’s not fit for everyone. On one hand, it only works on iPhones. On the other hand, this function isn’t supported by all carriers. I’ve tested my iPhone and this function is deactivated so I can’t make any changes to it.

The light green color indicates that any change can be made to this function.

You can use Dingtone to mask your personal phone number or block your caller ID as you call a girl you just met on Tinder or a potential customer interested in your business.

As such, your personal phone number will be well hidden in your calling target’s phone as you call anyone from Dingtone.

When working, we have to call clients or partners, but we are more willing to keep our phone numbers private for personal life. This is when we feel the urgent need for two phone numbers. For whoever wants to have a second phone number for business, Dingtone is also a good choice. Get a real free phone number on Dingtone and then you have two phone numbers on one phone:one number for personal life and the other for work.

We do not always make phone calls to contact others but typing text messages is dull. Try sharing pictures, music, videos with your friends on Dingtone. If your friends are coming to meet you at your place, just send him the location through Dingtone and it is much more convenient for them to find out exactly where you are.

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