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How to call Ireland from the US in 4 simple steps

Learn how to call Ireland from the US. We’ll lay out the four steps to follow whether you’re calling a landline or a mobile phone.

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Trying to reach someone in Ireland? There are a few extra steps than when you’re calling locally within the USA. Fortunately, the process is fairly simple once you know the steps you need to take. 

How to call Ireland from the US in 4 easy steps

Here’s how to call Ireland from the USA:

1. Dial +

Most countries worldwide have an international access code (i.e., exit code) for calling abroad. Dialing “+” (or “011” for the US exit code from a landline) tells your phone provider to route your call outside of the United States. 

2. Dial the Ireland country code (353)

Country calling codes, also called ISD codes, help carriers route international calls to the appropriate non-US networks. The Ireland country code is 353. Key in these three digits after the exit code, without any pound symbols or asterisks. The number on your phone screen should appear as 011353 or +353, depending on whether you’re using a landline or a mobile phone.

3. Punch in the area code 

Just like for US cities, you’ll need to enter unique area codes to reach different cities in Ireland. These start with 0 and range from three to four digits in length. But when you consider that you can omit the zero at the beginning, there are only two or three digits that you need to remember. Below is a table showing Ireland area codes and the area associated with each. 

Ireland Town/City Area Code (Without 0)
Arklow 402
Cork 21
Dublin 1
Ennis 65
Galway 91
Kilkenny 56
Limerick 61
Mullingar 44
Naas 45
Navan 46
Portlaoise 57
Sligo 71
Tralee 66
Waterford 51

If you want to call Dublin, the number you’re dialing should appear as +3531 or 0113531.  

4. Enter your recipient’s local number

You’re almost there! The last step in the process is to key in the actual phone number provided by your contact. Note that Irish phone numbers vary in length. Your recipient’s number can be 5, 6, or 7 digits long.

Assuming you dial a 7-digit number for a contact residing in Dublin, your phone screen should show something similar to this:

+ (exit code) – 353 (country code) – 1 (area code) – 2345678 (telephone number)

That’s it — you’re all done. 

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How to factor in time zones when calling Ireland from the US 

It can be tricky to align your schedule with someone who’s “across the pond.” But once you have a basic understanding of the time zone differences, you should be able to coordinate much easier.

And there’s good news: the Republic of Ireland only has one time zone to deal with, so it’s not too complicated. Just remember their clocks also change twice a year like in the USA.

  • In the summer season (from March 27 until October 30), the country uses Irish Standard Time, abbreviated as IST. Its offset is UTC+1.
  • In the winter season (from October 30 until March 27), it uses Greenwich Mean Time, abbreviated as GMT. Its offset is UTC+0, meaning that it’s the Universal Time zone.

Calculating the exact time from where you are is the real tricky part. Here are some examples of the time differences during the summer season, depending on where you’re making your phone call from:

  • If you’re calling from the Eastern Standard (EST) timezone, Ireland is 5 hours ahead. If it’s 12 PM on the East Coast, it’s 5 PM in Ireland.
  • Calling from the Central Standard (CST) timezone? Ireland is 6 hours ahead. If it’s 12 PM there, it’s 6 PM in Ireland.
  • If you’re following the Mountain Standard Time (MST), Ireland is 7 hours ahead. If it’s 12 PM there, it’s 7 PM in Ireland.
  • When you’re calling from the Pacific Standard (PST) timezone, Ireland is 8 hours ahead. If it’s 12 PM there, it’s 8 PM in Ireland.

If you’re calling from the Alaskan Standard (AKST) timezone, Ireland is 9 hours ahead. If it’s 12 PM there, it’s 9 PM in Ireland.

  • If you’re following the Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HST), Ireland is 11 hours ahead. If it’s 12 PM there, it’s 11 PM in Ireland.

How much does it cost to call Ireland from the US?

We wish this question were easier to answer, but the bottom line is: it depends! The main considerations are which carrier or phone service you’re using to make the call and whether you’re calling a landline number or mobile number. These and other details will be the deciding factors for how much cash you need to fork over.

For example, AT&T’s international basic rate for phone calls to Ireland is $4 per minute. If you’re spending a lot of time speaking to that Irish friend, family member, or professional contact, those charges can really rack up. 

Check rates with your current carrier before making any calls. And of course, take a few minutes to look into cost-saving options like OpenPhone.

How to lower your calling costs to Ireland

Dialing Ireland from the OpenPhone desktop app

Calling Ireland doesn’t have to be a drain on your budget. With a VoIP phone service like OpenPhone, you can call your Irish customers or team members for as low as 3 cents per minute. Just enable international calling on your account, add credits, and voila! You can call your contact in Ireland.

An internet phone can also be far superior to standard phones when building your business. For instance, OpenPhone provides you with access to features like these with any subscription:

  • Free unlimited calling to anyone in Canada and the US 
  • Voicemail transcriptions via email, Slack, or text so you can prioritize the most urgent callbacks
  • Shared phone numbers to split responsibility for incoming calls
  • Auto-replies and snippets to free up your time to focus on other tasks
  • Multi-device support so you can access your business phone on your computer, smartphone, and tablet
  • Detailed analytics to help you improve your call management
  • Integrations with other tools you already use including Gmail, Slack, HubSpot, Gong,  and Zapier

Call Ireland for less with OpenPhone

Whether you’re calling Ireland, the United Kingdom, or anywhere else on the globe, OpenPhone makes it easy to reach your international contact for less. Switching to VoIP can lower your per-minute costs to as low as 3 cents per minute, meaning you can avoid the exorbitant prices charged by cell phone carriers and landline services. 

OpenPhone reduces your calling costs to Ireland so you can reach your business contacts affordably, every time you need to. Plus, you get access to business features you can use to grow your presence. 

If you’re ready for an upgraded international calling experience, give OpenPhone a try. Start your free trial and make the most of your calls to Ireland and beyond.

The post How to call Ireland from the US in 4 simple steps appeared first on OpenPhone Blog.

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