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Broadvoice vs Vonage: Which is the right option for your business?

See how Broadvoice vs Vonage stack up in pricing, features, and integrations. We also present a third service that may be a better choice.

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While using a VoIP phone system is definitely the right choice, picking the right solution isn’t always so cut and dry. This is especially true of Broadvoice and Vonage, two major players you’ve come across looking for a phone system. 

Let’s look at the Broadvoice vs Vonage debate from all angles, looking closer at their prices, features, and integrations. And if you don’t like what you see, we’ll offer a third option that might be just what you’re looking for. 

Broadvoice vs Vonage: How do these solutions compare?

Broadvoice and Vonage claim to simplify telecommunications for small to medium-sized businesses.

But are the platforms, benefits, and pricing the right fit for your business? Let’s find the answer by comparing Broadvoice vs Vonage in ease of use and other categories.

Note that Vonage as a company serves both consumers and small businesses. For this comparison, we’ll focus on its business VoIP phone service: Vonage Business Communications. 

1. Pricing: Which VoIP solution gives you more?

Winner: Draw

You’ll struggle to get a straight price from either of these VoIP providers.

Broadvoice’s pricing is very jargony, making it difficult to compare plans. The basic Cloud PBX plan starts at $10 per month per user — although this doesn’t include minute and message fees. SMS starts at $.01 per message, while domestic calls are $.029 per minute. Integrating Broadvoice Cloud PBX with Microsoft Teams will cost you $2 more per month.

Broadvoice vs Vonage: Broadvoice pricing

Broadvoice also charges per call path, meaning you’ll pay extra to make concurrent calls from your line. This starts at $7 per month, including an extra $30 per path.

Vonage is equally confusing, although not for the same reasons. The price changes according to team size, getting less expensive the bigger it is. For example, businesses under five users pay $19.99 per user per month, while bigger teams pay $17.99 per user per month.

Broadvoice vs Vonage: Vonage pricing

But the fees don’t stop there. Additional numbers with Vonage are $14.99 per number per month. If you need a  toll-free number, you’ll pay for minutes that exceed 1,500. And if you want to send SMS or MMS through the mobile app, you’ll need to upgrade to their Premium plan.

2. Features: Which has the most business-friendly features? 

Winner: Vonage

Broadvoice’s limitations are clear from the get-go. This VoIP service doesn’t offer any MMS support, stopping brands from sharing images, GIFs, or videos. Mission-critical business features — including call recordings — are only available on the second-highest tier.

If you upgrade for Broadvoice’s business features, you might struggle to make sense of the actual interface. Many customers have expressed frustration with the dated-looking system and wish they had help getting up and running. 

Vonage may be the winner, but its features are nothing to write home about. On-demand call recordings are available on the basic tier but with no automatic recording option available. If you want other specialized features, including voicemail transcriptions, be prepared to upgrade.

Vonage’s limitations are more obvious if you’re outside the US. Toll-free numbers and business texting are only available to customers in the States.

Neither Vonage nor Broadvoice offers an easy-to-review inbox. All messages, phone calls, and voicemails are each in separate folders, making it time-consuming to catch up on conversations.

3. Integrations: What other apps work with these VoIP platforms?

Winner: Vonage

Both Broadvoice and Vonage offer business app integrations to help your business run more smoothly.

The problem is that your integration options might be limited by your location or subscription tier. With Broadvoice, you’ll have to purchase a Pro subscription to integrate with Microsoft Teams or Salesforce. 

Vonage offers basic integrations on its lowest tier, but all its CRM options require a Premium subscription or higher. Plus, some integrations — e.g, Zoho, Connectwise, and Microsoft Dynamics — are only available to US customers. 

While both VoIP service providers offer a decent variety of integrations, it can be confusing and pricey to sync business data.

So who wins between Broadvoice vs Vonage? 

Throughout the Broadvoice vs Vonage debate, neither option stands out as a clear winner. Both platforms have confusing price plans that bloat smaller budgets. Broadvoice’s features lack basic functionality, while Vonage’s best features are locked behind higher price tiers. And while each offers some integrations, be prepared to spend some serious coin to get them.

After comparing their prices, features, and integrations, it’s clear Broadvoice and Vonage make business communications more convoluted — the opposite of what you want in a VoIP phone system.

If you’re looking for a standup solution that can help streamline your communication, say hello to OpenPhone. 

OpenPhone is the phone solution you never knew you needed

We don’t mean to brag or anything, but OpenPhone simply does VoIP better. From a robust set of features to a wide range of integrations, we’ve opened a world of possibilities for businesses around the world.

Here are a few key reasons why thousands of businesses voted OpenPhone the #1 business phone solution on G2:

1. Get clear pricing upfront

OpenPhone genuinely cares about getting your VoIP phone system up and running fast, which is why we’ve made it a point to provide transparent pricing plans right from the get-go.

It’s just $10 per month per user to access our Standard plan, offering features that blow Vonage and Broadvoice out of the water:

  • Unlimited calls and texts to anyone in the US or Canada
  • Shared numbers for teams
  • Call forwarding and call routing
  • Team messaging and internal threads
  • Access to call recordings, voicemail to text, and phone menus

If you’re looking for even more ways to streamline communications, our Premium plan has your back. Think of it like a graduation for your small business, with everything you need to scale your phone communications: 

  • Call transferring
  • Analytics and reporting software
  • Shared number support for over 100 teammates

2. Easily set up and start using OpenPhone

Getting started with a VoIP phone system shouldn’t be hard. With OpenPhone, you can start making business calls and texts just minutes after you sign up. Then easily customize your business phone number settings

Add teammates without any muss or fuss, following a simple approach that mimics the apps you already use. And with a simple layout that actually makes sense, your teams can jump in as quickly as possible. No steep learning curves here!

OpenPhone isn’t just giving you phone numbers — we’re giving you the best, fastest, and most efficient way to manage them at scale. And who doesn’t love scale? ⚖

3. Connect all the tools in your tech stack

With OpenPhone, you can connect everything you’re already using.

Ready to keep your teams on the same page? Get connected with Slack to keep tabs on current tickets and who’s handling what. If you need a deeper look at your customers and their needs, just sign in with your HubSpot CRM. And if you need to push missed calls to email, we’ve got that too!   

A few other keys integrations OpenPhone offers include:

And did we mention that Zapier gives you 3,000+ different ways to plug and play?  

4. Text from any US, Canadian, or North American toll-free number

OpenPhone’s business texting isn’t limited to just US customers (looking at you, Vonage). We offer messaging support to contacts all over the world — and with MMS enabled. Feel free to sign up for a US, Canadian, or toll-free North American number no matter where you live. It’s just that simple! 

You don’t have to text from just one number, either. OpenPhone offers anything from local area codes to toll-free phone numbers, letting you pick the way you want to communicate with clients. Plus, sign up for as many phone numbers as your business wants (or needs). 

Share a single number to power through daily text volumes, or assign numbers to individual departments, teams, or employees.

5. Save time following up with your contacts

At OpenPhone, we’re all about keeping it simple. For each conversation with a contact, all call recordings, voicemails, and text messages are in a single view. And with the ability to make notes and leave internal threads, daily contact management just got way easier. 

Our single view strategy comes with a whole bunch of advantages. Always have context by accessing full conversation histories, and keep tabs on your outreach efforts by checking threads. If you can’t remember who (or what) you’re looking for, no worries! Just use our search function to hunt for words, phrases, and even contact names on the fly.

The clear winner between Broadvoice vs Vonage

Rather than telling you why OpenPhone’s the best VoIP for your buck, why don’t you take a look for yourself?

Check out this table comparing the ins and outs of OpenPhone vs Broadvoice vs Vonage:

Feature OpenPhone Broadvoice Basic Vonage Basic
Pricing Starts at $10 per month per user Starts at $10 per month per user Starts at $19.99 per month per user
Unlimited calling to US & Canada
Unlimited SMS, MMS to US & Canada US numbers only
Voicemail transcriptions Requires upgrade
Set business hours
Additional phone numbers $5 per month per number X $14.99 per month per number
Call recording Requires upgrade $49.99 per month
Shared phone numbers
Auto-attendant (virtual receptionist) Requires API
Auto-replies X X
Slack integration X
Zapier integration X
CRM integration Requires upgrade Requires upgrade Requires upgrade
iOS and Android apps
Browser app
Desktop apps

OpenPhone’s modern business phone system offers all the features you need to build relationships with your contacts. With an intuitive user interface and affordable pricing without hidden fees, OpenPhone may be better suited to you.

Try out OpenPhone for yourself — start your OpenPhone free trial today.

The post Broadvoice vs Vonage: Which is the right option for your business? appeared first on OpenPhone Blog.

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