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All Methods to Send International Text Messages from Computer to a Phone

There are occasions when international text messages need to be sent from a computer to a phone. All the methods are to be introduced in this article and an optimal method can be selected based on your convenience and budget.

A successfully sent email calls for addresses from a sender and a receiver. The message is sent from one address to another, just like a traditional post. If you need to send messages to a number via email, you should, first of all, “upgrade” the number to an email address. A carrier access gateway can do that.

Almost all telecommunications carriers have their own access gateways through which a number can be “upgraded” to an email address. Each carrier has a different way to “upgrade” a number to an email address.

Similar to Apple devices, messages can be also sent from a computer to an Android smartphone via an Android Message app. The basic principle is to sync your Android smartphone’s phone number and functions with a computer. First, you should scan a QR code for device pairing. Then, you’ll be able to send text messages from the Android message app.

Second, a VOIP service provides a valid number with any area code. Your business calls for a specific phone number that is irrelevant to your private one. Moreover, it’s convenient to send text messages from computer to phone via the VOIP app.


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